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Many people suffer pain in the spine from the neck all the way down the low back. Pain combined with weakness, tingling, or numbness in the arms and legs is also common. This can be the result of the aging process or the result of an injury during everyday activities, slip & falls, athletic events, and auto accidents.

Our procedures are performed in a surgery center

Please fill out each and every form in the packet below. These forms encompass all of the demographic information that is needed. It also includes all of the medical information that the physician typically needs to understand your history and put that together with your physical exam to come to the right diagnosis and suggested treatment. Filling out these forms at your leisure before presenting to the office will save you time as the staff and physician will not be needing to ask you so many questions.

01. New Patient Welcome Letter 39 kb
02. Patient Demographics 39 kb
02. Patient / Physician Agreement 49 kb
03. Assignment of Benefits 62 kb
04. Medical Records Release 40 kb
05. Pain Management Agreement 43 kb
06. Notice of Privacy Practices 45 kb
07. Patient Acknowledgement form 50 kb
08. Patient Pain History 50 kb
09. Medical History 47 kb
10. Patient Questionaire 40 kb
11. Physical complaints (This file includes all of the above documents) 843 kb
ALL Full Patient Packet (This file includes all of the above documents) 392 kb
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