Maximize your Consultation for Back or Neck Pain with These Tips

istock 907903036Back pain, headaches, and neck pain are some of the most common complaints adults express. Pain anywhere along the spine can make it difficult to sleep soundly, to be productive at work, and to enjoy activities that bring enjoyment and health. Still, it takes most people quite a long time to schedule a consultation with a doctor to discuss their concerns. One of the reasons this may be is that many people believe their pain will go away. Another is that many people believe a specialist will tell them they need surgery. Neither is a guarantee.

At Innovative Spine Care in Tampa, FL, you have an alternative. Our facility has been established to provide pain relief in a minimally-invasive way. If you’ve come to realize that the back or neck pain you though would go away is still with you months or years after it first began, you may be ready to learn more about what you can do to feel like yourself again. Here, we offer a few tips on addressing chronic back or neck pain from your very first visit.

  • Talk with a specialist. The first inclination that many people have when they are ready to seek care is to call their primary care physician. Your general doctor has a wealth of experience with many common conditions. However, back and neck pain are better addressed in the realm of a doctor with specific training. Dr. Watson is a pain-management physician with specific experience treating spinal conditions.
  • Keep track of your symptoms before your appointment. When you consult with a specialist about spinal pain, they will want to know as much detailed information as you can provide. It helps to track when pain occurs and what may have triggered it. For example, does your back hurt when you get out of bed in the morning? Does pain usually occur after you’ve done some type of physical work or motions? Details such as the intensity, duration, and timing of pain provide important clues about your injury and how to help you regain comfort.
  • Ask questions. It is normal to have at least a few questions about what may be causing spinal pain and what can be done to remedy the problem. Our situation as a pain management facility is unique, so we expect patients to have questions about what to expect, how our innovative treatment works, and more. To make sure all of your questions are answered, we suggest bringing a pen and paper to your appointment to jot down new questions that may arise, along with their answers.

Innovative Spine Care has helped many patients regain comfort to live more fully. To learn more about our services or to schedule your consultation, call (813) 920-3022.

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