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Maximize your Consultation for Back or Neck Pain with These Tips

Back pain, headaches, and neck pain are some of the most common complaints adults express. Pain anywhere along the spine can make it difficult to sleep soundly, to be productive at work, and to enjoy activities that bring enjoyment and health. Still, it takes most people quite a long time to schedule a consultation with […]

Treating Chronic Neck Pain Doesn’t Have to be Such a Challenge

The neck is comprised of 7 bones called vertebrae. These bones make up the spinal segment we call the cervical spine. This part of the spine is responsible for holding the head upright and facilitating the various movements the head makes. Seeing that the average head weighs about 10 pounds, we can understand why the […]

A Collapsed Disc Needs Attention

The spinal column is a vertical line-up of multiple segments. Each spinal segment serves a portion of the body. For example, the lumbar spinal segment is involved in functions and mobility from the waist down. The cervical spinal segment sends nerves up and out to power the upper limbs. In each spinal segment, there is […]

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