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Is It Time to Come See Us?

As common as it is to experience back pain frequently, even daily, research shows us a common thread among sufferers: they do not see a specialist about their problem. According to statistics, millions of workdays are missed each year as a result of back pain. When surveyed, thousands of people report that, in the previous […]

Does Your Back Hurt When You Sit? This Could Be Why

Usually, sitting gives us a break from the stress of the day. We sit periodically when we’re on our feet often and expect to find the seated position comfortable and relaxing. This isn’t possible for folks whose back pain is triggered when they sit down. If sitting causes or worsens your back pain, it could […]

Back Pain May Be Costing You a Good Night’s Sleep

According to research published by the Cleveland Clinic, chronic joint pain contributes to 50 to 90 percent of restless sleep for adults in America. Now, there are many joints in the body, so this percentage includes everything from the hips and knees to the back and neck. Additional studies indicate that lower back pain is […]

Back Pain in Menopause: Who Knew!

As a woman approaches menopause, the becomes acutely aware of her changing body. She may affectionately refer to her hot flashes as her “personal summer,” and may begin to relish a warm cup of milk to stave off insomnia. While there are several well-known effects of menopause, most of which occur years before menstruation actually […]

What Causes Upper Back Pain?

The upper back is a part of the spine with 12 segments or levels of vertebrae and discs. This part of the spine is referred to as the thoracic spine. It begins at the base of the neck and extends down just below the bottom of the ribcage. Usually, we hear about people experiencing pain […]

Medication is a Remedy for Back Pain, not a Thorough Treatment

Back pain can be a nuisance when it lingers for a few days or weeks. In our country, back pain is a prevalent problem with which many people struggle for six or more months out of the year. Pain my not be described as debilitating but, when observed closely, seen as a problem that is […]

Improving Quality of Life after Lumbar Discectomy

Low back pain and sciatica can significantly degrade the quality of life by making just about every movement uncomfortable. Spinal problems like herniated lumbar discs can reduce the range of motion and affect everything from your work life to the quality of your sleep. In most cases, doctors attempt to manage low back pain with […]

Back Pain Relief: Is Massage the Answer?

Persistent neck or back pain affects millions of people. It isn’t just that we feel uncomfortable now and then. For some people, spinal pain can be debilitating. Statistics indicate that many missed days of work are attributed to back pain each year. Furthermore, studies suggest that frequent bouts of pain or even low-grade back pain […]

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